A Personal Message to You from JR
Rest assured, there is hope, and I truly believe it.  It is possible to have fulfillment in life, a fulfilling job, relationship and family.  You do not need to feel as though you are alone.   Many people --those whom you may even envy based on their outside appearances -- struggle with the same problems.

And if you’re not sure of what it is you want, I can help you in uncovering and clarifying that.

Please take a moment to read some more about how the services I provide and my method of working can help you achieve what you are seeking.  

Or, call me and I'll gladly answer any questions to help you determine if working with me will be right for you. In most cases speaking with me on the phone will give you the feel that you'll be supported in your process and helped tremendously in gaining the changes you want .
Hi. Thank you so much for visiting my website.

I am a psychotherapist and counselor who offers services to individuals, couples and groups in the heart of White Plains. I use mainstream techniques in working with people and my most important goal is that you and I are partners in working together and that your time spent with me is productive.

We can work together at dealing with life and improving the way you feel despite the sometimes unfair and seemingly overwhelming way in which life seems to deal the cards.

I know how it feels; lonely, unsure of where you fit in the world, problems in relationships, not really sure what goals to have or how to achieve them, feeling like “fake it till you make it” is a daily routine, often just hoping to get to the end of the day and closing the door to the world behind.
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