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My name is Eugene Joseph Lombardo, but most people call me J.R. as this is a nickname I was given as a little kid. I am a licensed clinical social worker and I practice both psychotherapy and counseling. I take pride in my unique experiences, professional training, personal skills and life experience. I consider myself down to earth and I have been told that I am easy to work with as I tend to approach my work as a shared effort, I see it more as an “us” experience than a “you” one.

In most instances the issues confronting the people I work with are ones that I have struggled with in my own life. I think of myself as a “regular” person and I tend to work best with “regular’ people with “regular” problems as well. I know how it feels to struggle with parenting issues, how hard relationships can be and that we often put ourselves last on the list of priorities. It is difficult for me sometimes to do the next right thing and to know when to assert myself and when to let things go.

Being a lifelong Westchester County resident I understand what it is like to live and raise a family in one of the most expensive places in the United States. I am very grateful to be married to a wonderful, understanding woman and we have two young daughters. Much of our extended family remains in Westchester.

I received my undergraduate degree in Social Work from Lehman College in 1995 and my Master of Social Work from New York University in 1997. I began my career in 1992 as a social work intern doing individual and group therapy. Aside from providing therapy I also have taught classes in social work and substance abuse treatment, I present workshops, I am authorized by New York State Department of Motor Vehicles to do substance abuse evaluations and I have published some of my poems and contributed to a recent work on philosophy and popular culture.

Real life experience deeply informs any therapists work. I know the joys and challenges of marriage, parenthood and earning a living, and have personal and family experience with issues such as unemployment, divorce, domestic violence, trauma and addiction.

Please take a moment to contact me and see if my experience, personality and style are a good match for you.