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What I do in therapy is to work with you on understanding what is going on now, why that is and what can be done to make positive change. We may discuss current or past people in your life, as it applies to making change. Certainly noticing patterns, often based on childhood experiences, is a way to find some form of understanding.

But most of the work today, focuses on your thoughts, values and beliefs, often informed by past or present circumstances. I can help you challenge these beliefs in a realistic constructive way, not with fake praise or motivation speeches.

Maybe you don’t feel you deserve good things, or that you pull off a hoax of appearing one way on the outside but feeling different on the inside. Do you second guess yourself often, do you find yourself comparing your insides to other people's outsides?

I can almost guarantee that you are not alone, that most “regular” people struggle with these issues. I know, because I work with “regular" people every day and I too am a “regular” person. I challenge you to prove to me you are not a good person worthy of love and respect regardless of your mistakes and self limiting or self destructive beliefs.

We all have our shortcomings and attributes, we tend to be both “healthy” and “dysfunctional” as human beings. I will help you re-balance these aspects and do the best you can one day at a time. This is all we can expect of ourselves and is a worthy goal in my book.

I use a variety of approaches and techniques in my work, from delving into deep seated past experiences to discussing common sense simple coping skills, often times shifting within a session as the needs change. I see myself as part shrink, part life coach and part sponsor (and hopefully only the positive aspects of these roles).

Please take a moment to contact me. It has been my experience that people can get a sense of whether I am a good match for them, a “gut feeling” so to speak, within the first few minutes of speaking with me. Happily, most people do and this leads to mutually fulfilling work together.

If you are looking at this website, I imagine you know what is bothering you. Maybe there is something you do not want such as anxiety, depression, an unhealthy relationship, or addiction that you are trying to find a path away from.

Or maybe there are things you want, that you haven’t found a way to get. These could include better relationships, finding or improving your career, having more personal satisfaction or better communication with your significant other.

If this is true, then pat yourself on the back, because you are much more advanced than most people. Unfortunately most people do not know what they want to change, or if they do they are not willing or able to invest the energy into making a change for the better. Clearly you are, if you are looking at a website like this. Bravo!
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